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Timber Creek Construction, Inc. has become known as a respected custom home builder in Asheville, North Carolina with a solid reputation for building luxury homes with exceptional quality coupled with a keen eye for detail.

Starting with a carefully selected team of skilled craftsman, each member of the team shares the same passion for quality and professionalism. As a result, the finished product is a finely crafted, high performing energy rated home that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

We are committed to researching and offering our clients high performance building products. We appreciate the thinking behind building “green”, and its benefits to our environment. We encourage our clients to consider the advantages of building with products that contribute to a healthy home, while at the same time incorporating energy saving elements in their custom home design. In addition, whether it is “Energy Star”, “Green Building”, or any other officially recognized designation, we can help you meet your goals requiring a third party certification.

Timber Creek Construction, Inc. has proudly built its reputation on exceptional service and maintain a strong desire to exceed our client’s expectations. Good communication and respect for your ideas and preferences is a key, contributing to the enjoyable experience of building a home that reflects the unique dream of each client. Good planning and project management are also essential elements to a successful project that ensures your project stays on schedule and within budget. Our objective is not to be the largest builder in Western North Carolina. It has been, therefore, our decision to limit the number of projects under construction at any given time to allow for hands on involvement by all members of our team, and the greatest attention to detail.  With 30+ years of experience, we look forward to having the opportunity of gaining your confidence.